About us

My name is Kerri Thompson you probably know me as @kerriatlearning. I am a classroom teacher in Napier. I am a lifelong learner looking to make school more relevant for today’s learners.

The idea for #NZBFC630 grew from my involvement in the American hosted #BFC530. Along with my co-founder (who I connected with at #BFC530) Surin McGrory who you probably know as @TRPKaiako, realised the potential that a morning ‘spark chat’ with a Kiwi focus could have.

From the words of @ScottCapro and @TrynaD:

“Our goal is to ensure that every educator who has an interest is supported in building their PLN, and that everyone who joins our chat knows the power of sharing their voice. We believe through elevating these voices and joining together as a community education can become truly transformative.”

So on 23rd January 2015, with a Google Form tweeted out, we began our journey into the world of Twitter Chat Administration and our plans for the *igniting the am* of kiwi educators.



Kia ora, ko Surin McGrory ahau. Ko @TRPkaiako tōku ingoa o te ao matihiko. He kaiako ahau o Te Reo Pākehā ki Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Whānau Tahi ki Ōtautahi. I te tau nei ko tōku tau tuatoru hei kaiako, he mahi mīharo ia rā, ia rā.

Kia ora, I’m Surin McGrory. My ‘name’ in the digital (matihiko) world is @TRPkaiako. I am the English teacher at Te Kura Kauapapa Māori o Te Whānau Tahi in Christchurch. This year is my 3rd year of teaching, it’s amazing work everyday.

I’m super excited to be jumping on board with Kerri for the #BFC630NZ adventure that is to come. I’m excited to see the kaiako whakawhanaungatanga (PLNs) that can be sparked when there are supportive digital environments around.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari, he toa takitini.

Success is not the work of one, but the work of many.




He aha to whakaaro?

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