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Monday 21st September

What have you learnt this Term?

Friday 18th September

Share something you have had to UNLEARN this year.

FOTO FRIDAY: personalities

Thursday 17th September

Global Collaboration Day – what are doing with your class on this day?

Wednesday 16th September

How do you let every student know they matter?

Tuesday 15th September

Teaching as Inquiry

What are we all ‘inquiring’ into?

Monday 14th September

Creativity, courage, and collaboration –

How do you encourage students to ‘make their mark’?

Friday 4th September

FOTO FRIDAY – use to add some question bubbles to photos of your kids.

Thursday 3rd September

To collaborate we need to connect.

Do your learners understand the power of connecting and collaborating?

Friday 28th August

FOTO FRIDAY – share some photos of your learners in the pit.

Thursday 27th August

Share your tips and ideas for motivating your reluctant writers to love writing.

Wednesday 26th August

How do we best meet the technology needs of our students?

Tuesday 25th August

‘How does your school grow your leadership? If not, what would you like?

Monday 24 August

What influences the way you implement the curriculum in your classroom?

What do you think are the key ingredients for a future-focused curriculum?

Friday 21 August

FOTO FRIDAY… share some photos of your class – serious or funny!

Thursday 20 August

“Support colleagues to make changes, small steps, change takes time” all advice we hear. BUT…  ONE thing which is non-negotiable now is…”

Thursday 14 August

Finish this sentence…

“At the heart of my classroom is…”

Tuesday 11 August

How do you work with/around the National Standards so they don’t detract from a quality programme?

Monday 10 August

What does meaningful assessment information look like? Do National Standards provide this for teachers, learners, and parents?

Friday 7 August

FOTO FRIDAY – share some photos of the extra-curricula activities your students get into.

Monday 3 August

How can we tell the difference between engagement and compliance in students?

How do we increase engagement and foster risk-taking in compliant but disengaged students?

Friday 31 July

FOTO FRIDAY – share some photos of places your students choose to do their learning.

Thursday 30 July

How strong are the connections with your students? How do you know – what are the signals?

Wednesday 29 July

Education 101…what are some tips, tricks, resources you suggest?

Tuesday 28 July

What does it look like at your school when Māori are achieving as Māori?

Thursday 23rd July

We are often sharing what we as educators can do to encourage change in our schools. What can we do to help students get inspired to create change?

Wednesday 22nd July

How do you balance teaching the ‘knowledge’ kids need and the skills/dispositions of inquiry?

Tuesday 21st July

What does being “culturally responsive” mean to you? What does it look like in your classroom and school?

Monday 20th July

How does ‘marking’ look in an increasingly collaborative environment?

What are your tips for keeping on top of it?

Monday 22nd June

How do you foster a democratic classroom? What does sharing power and agency look like in your classroom?

Friday 19th June

Yes… it is Foto Friday

The things I value in my classroom and in my students are…

Thursday 18th June

Feeling wiped in week 9, reports, etc so would love some excitement. What is exciting you at the moment?

Wednesday 17th

Creativity comes natural to children…How do you encourage creativity in your classroom?

Share some examples of Art from your classroom

Tuesday 16th June

This morning Steph hosted our chat on What Does Effective Parental Engagement look like in your class?

Thursday 11th June

Being a connected educator has MANY benefits. Share how becoming a ‘connected educator’ has impacted on what you provide for your students.

Wednesday 10th

‘Sticky Teaching’ …involves using eye-catching media to make lessons memorable. How do you do this?

Tuesday 8th June

This morning Steph asked us to discuss…What current trends in education are HOT and which ones are NOT?

Friday 5th June

Share your photos of ‘innovation in your classroom’.

Thursday 4th June

Feel the need to continue the convo. Share how you are being innovative with your curriculum and ‘fitting everything in’.

Wednesday 3rd June

The Arts are often put aside –

How do you ensure you teach Music, Drama, and Dance in your class?

Tuesday 2nd June

@paradisecreated posed the question…Do we still need reports? How can we change how we report to parents to be more student-driven, authentic, meaningful, and manageable?

Friday 29th May

Learning in the pit. Encouraging your students to experience “intellectual dilemma” & ”sense cognitive wobble”. How often do you and your students ‘get into the pit’?

Thursday 28th

I hosted a chat around THE STANDARDS… i want to know are you sharing them with kids? If so HOW? If not why not? Where do they ‘fit’ into your class programme? What do you all think about THEM?

Wednesday 27th

@chaelebel hosted an awesome sharing about “Soul Food”…what are the things that are ‘food for our soul’ outside of our work.

Tuesday 26th May

@st3ph007 hosted ‘Principals Perspective’ this morning… if we could make one change to something which happens in our school….what would it be?

Monday 25th May

@paradisecreated hosted this morning…we shared if we use/how we use SOLO taxonomy in the classroom.

Friday 22nd May

Let’s make it easy for a Friday…finish this sentence: “The week just gone will be remembered for…”

Thursday 21st May

Google Hangout is a great tool to use in the classroom for connecting learners. Share some ideas you have for how you could/have used it.

Wednesday 20th May

How do you use student voice to help you change, modify, or think about what you are doing in your classroom?

Tuesday 19th May

Workload and time – what are your solutions? hosted by @st3ph007

Monday 18th May

After #EducampHB I am even more grateful for my PLN.

Share how your PLN contributes to your professional learning.

Friday 15th May

Part of Growth Mindset is a willingness to take risks. How do your leaders reward risk-taking?

Thursday 14th May

Genius Hour – why just an hour? Is there potential for you to be integrating ‘interest-based’ learning for longer than an hour a week? Or do you already?

Wednesday 13th May

We want our students to be creative, to collaborate with others and have good character. How do you encourage the 3 C’s in your classroom?

Tuesday 12th May

What does effective transition between Year 6 to Year 7 look like?

If schools could improve anything, what would that be?

Monday 11th May

It is a demanding job…what keeps you motivated to do what you do for your students?

Friday 8th May

The introduction of National Standards has resulted in a Literacy/Numeracy focus. Share how you place as much importance on dispositions such as curiosity, co-operation, problem-solving, perseverance, and the ability to ask questions?

Thursday 7th May

What difference does it make to students in our classes when they are connected?

Wednesday 6th May

This morning we are discussing e-learning tools. What do you recommend to others?

Tuesday 5th May

What could your Principal do to show they appreciate you? Share ways they could support you.

Monday 4th May

Some kids ‘hate’ it, some kids ‘love’ it, lots just need a better mindset about it. Share what Maths looks like in your class?

Friday 1st May

It is Fabulous Friday! Finish this sentence: The BEST thing that happened this week was…

Thursday 30th April

Intrinsically motivated students..this is the ideal. For every task you ask a student to do they will ask “do I want to do it?” and “can I do it?” How do you make sure their answers to these are YES!

Wednesday 29th April

Learning conversations… we have them throughout the day. How do you or your students ‘record’ these as evidence of learning?

Tuesday 28th April

What is ‘authentic learning’? How do you provide these sorts of experiences for your students?

Friday 24th April

Cloud-based learning IS changing education. We know there are advantages but are there disadvantages or risks that come with this too?

Thursday 23rd April

With learning being ubiquitous –  anywhere, anytime, just in time –

Share ways your students can take advantage of this to benefit their learning in and out of the classroom.

Wednesday 22nd April

Collaborative learning is not a new idea…but HOW we collaborate LOOKS different in today’s classrooms. Share how it looks in your classroom.

Tuesday 21st April

What are your goals for Term 2?

Monday 20th April

Holidays are a time for us to reflect. What have you been reflecting on as you head into Term 2? How will you infuse ‘action’ into your reflection?

Thursday 2nd April

Share some photos with us all of ‘a day with your class’

Wednesday 1st April

What does a future-orientated classroom look like and sound like?

Tuesday 31st March

What qualities does a future-orientated educator need to have?

Monday 30th March

Share how you would describe ‘future-orientated’ education.

Friday 27th March

We know how important Growth Mindset is for all learners…share a moment in the week when either you or a student showed GM.

Thursday 26th March

How are we preparing kids for their future? Share what you are doing in your class/school.

Wednesday 25th March

What and how students learn has changed in recent times. Please recommend a book/other which you think is essential reading for educators today.

Tuesday 24th March

If money wasn’t an issue, what resources would you buy for your school or class?

Monday 23rd March

What will you do this week to inspire one of your colleagues?

Friday 20th March

As promised… #BFC630NZ chat for Friday… share how your kids responded when asked “what is important to learn?

Thursday 19th March

We want our kids to be engaged in their learning. Are yours engaged or just compliant? How do you know?

Wednesday 18th March

Students love having an audience for their writing other than their teacher. Share how you provide opportunities for this.

Tuesday 17th March

via @chaelebel What do you think school will look like in the future? What would you get rid of / keep?

Monday 16th March

Keeping it thoughtfully simple..what are you wondering about as you head off today?

Friday 13th March

Is it important to be spontaneous and use a ‘teachable moment’? Share an experience from this week when you did this.

Thursday 12th March

Students in our classes vary in their abilities. Share how you manage students who need extending and those who need extra help. What do you provide or offer these students?

Wednesday 11th March

We aim to develop learners who are self-managing and know how to direct their own learning.

What strategies do you use to encourage students to manage themselves and their learning?

Tuesday 10th March

What is important to learn? I am asking my kids this question this week. Share what do you think they will say? We will discuss their thoughts in a chat next week.

Monday 9th March

We are connected educators. How important is it that we create connected students and how do you do it?

Friday 6th March

Our days in the classroom are full and fun. Share a ‘magic moment’ from your week.

Thursday 5th March

What makes students ‘want’ to learn? Research says it is the joy of exploration and call it being curious. Share how you cultivate curiosity in your classroom?

Wednesday 4th March

Questioning is a skill. How do you encourage students to ask questions rather than give answers all the time?

Tuesday 3rd March

Change isn’t hard, it’s uncomfortable. ”What can you do to encourage the change-adverse?

Monday 2nd March

Giving students more ‘voice’ & ‘choice’ in all school experiences from learning to leadership will result in increased engagement and relevance. How do you encourage student voice in your classroom/school?

Friday 27th February

Having a ‘positive mindset’ is infectious. How often do you infect people with positivity? How do you do it?

Thursday 26th February

Teachers prepare for learning but sometimes things ‘happen’. Share a class engagement activity you keep up your sleeve for such moments.

Wednesday 25th February

Trust plays such an important part in classrooms where students are using devices for learning. How do you manage students who make wrong choices when using tools like Twitter?

Tuesday 24th February

Teachers are learners too. What are your expectations for Professional Development? Whose responsibility is it?

Monday 23rd February

Risk-taking is a Growth Mindset disposition. What risks are you as an educator taking or have already taken this year?

Friday 20th February

The use of online tools for learning and social interaction is ubiquitous. How do you approach Digital Citizenship and the importance of students’ digital footprint.

Thursday 19th February

Having initiative and the ability to think for yourself is so important in today’s classrooms. Share how you foster and encourage this in your classroom.

Wednesday 18th February

Planning is a big part of teaching. How do you ensure your ideas transform into practice?

Tuesday 17th February

Active learners include reflection as an integral part of the learning process. How do you create a culture of reflection in your classroom?

Monday 16th February

Kaupapa: Has the topic of Homework begun already among your students and/or parents? Share your thoughts on ‘home learning’.

Friday 13th February

Kaupapa: There is so much which needs to be covered at the beginning of the year with our students. How do you manage and prioritise the learning?

Thursday 12th February

We plan engaging lessons delivered with enthusiasm. Share how you manage that student who comes to class disinterested with a negative mindset.

Wednesday 11th February

Kaupapa: The beginning of the year is busy. How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Tuesday 10th February

Kaupapa: Share something a student has said in class over the last few days that made you laugh/think/smile/believe.

Monday 9th February

Kaupapa: Schools need student leaders to represent the voices of many. How are they selected and what roles do they have in your school?

Thursday 5th February

Topic: Connecting with whanau. How do you initiate and sustain communication with whanau?

Wednesday 4th February

Topic: “Building a supportive learning community is essential. How do you make sure you don’t rush this process at the beginning of the year?”

Tuesday 3rd February

Topic: “We all know that kids don’t learn from people they don’t like. How are you going to build those important relationships with your Students?”

Monday 2nd February

Topic: “Every year provides opportunities to step it up for your students. What changes will you be making in 2015 to bring the awesome?”


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