My Mission Statement

As educators, we are privileged to be given opportunities everyday to engage, inspire, and help our tauira (students) reach their potential. With the support of a PLN we are challenged to reflect on our practice and beliefs, provided with opportunities to share our learning and receive feedback on it, be that ‘critical friend’ who pushes thinking and empowers others to continue making positive changes to current pedagogy for the benefit of our learners. But mostly we know our PLN are always there to listen and understand no matter what stage of our teaching career we are in and what role we have in our workplace. We are all on an equal playing field. There is no hierarchy.

For me, #NZBFC630 (formerly #BFC630NZ) was born from the inspiration I felt (almost) every night before I tried to sleep after participating in #BFC530! From the very first time I tentatively introduced myself to ‘the crew’ I felt a sense of community. I was welcomed warmly, I was remembered, I was listened to, I was replied to, and I was followed.

I felt as if my voice mattered.

It made me think…could I provide this type of ‘spark chat’ especially for ‘Kiwi’ educators every morning to *ignite our AM* and inspire others the way I have been?

This is the sense of community I hope to create through #NZBFC630. I hope it becomes a ‘can’t miss’ part of people’s day, a ‘go to’ when people need some ‘igniting’, or simply 15 minutes in your morning to connect.

“when you can – when you need”



4 thoughts on “My Mission Statement

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